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The UK’s First Bitcoin Marketing Agency Launches

Bitnewt is a full-service bitcoin marketing agency for businesses that deal with Bitcoin or wish to get started with the currency. The Bitcoin industry currently has a surplus of programmers and a deficit of marketers. As a result of this a plethora of Bitcoin start-ups are not gaining awareness they deserve for their innovative solutions that could change the world.  Bitnewt is the UK’s first Bitcoin Marketing Agency and third globally.

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“The biggest challenges at the moment are for new Bitcoin start-ups to win the trust of the community,” states Josh Blatchford, the founder of Bitnewt. “Unfortunately, Bitcoin has suffered from a lot of bad press as a result of its association with Silk Road and the failure of Mt Gox.

“The implications of this are that, for marketing, it is vital to create a brand that people can trust and develop a strong relationship with.  And for public relations, regular engagement with the community is arguably the single best way to gain acceptance and confidence of customers.”

A huge amount of venture capital has flown into Bitcoin start-ups this year, including Richard Branson investing £17.8 million into the industry. Josh adds “The best business minds in the world are just starting to see the potential bitcoin has to change the world, even more so than the internet

“Any industry that may one day be larger than the internet should be on any marketer’s radar”.

Josh, who runs Bitnewt, is a marketer that brings to the table his previous experience with working in marketing for two major car manufacturers and a separate marketing agency. Along with this, he has recently completed his marketing degree at Aston Business School.

As for where Bitcoin comes in, Josh has been part of the Bitcoin community since early 2013 and has seen how much the economy has grown, realizing that he would be able to make his mark by helping new businesses get off the ground and running.

Josh says “In early 2014 I could see that there were a huge number of start-ups being founded by very tech-savvy programmers with few marketing skills.

“I saw this as an opportunity to offer help with marketing on a freelance basis.  I am happy to say this was received very positively.  I continued to work on bigger and bigger projects and it became clear that I could be a bigger help to my clients by working with a very talented team of creatives.

Through customized marketing plans, clients are able to get exactly what is needed to get their business seen by consumers; whether this is just SEO work, press release creation and submission, or even brand creation, Bitnewt ensures each client is treated with care, tending to what they need done.

Bitnewt is currently staffed by an account manager, graphic designer, copy writer and animator. This helps ensure the agency is able to handle anything a potential client wants to throw at them, offering expertise in all four areas.

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